Thursday, January 15, 2009


Last night all my dreams came true...
 I went to a chocolate carnival!
I must admit, I'm a pretty serious chocoholic. I eat chocolate with every meal as if it's a side dish of vegetables. 
All the sculptures were made of chocolate. I had to refrain myself from diving head first into the chocolate ferris wheel with my mouth open. 

While picking up my coat to leave I heard the most terrible thing, the coat check people weren't allowed to enjoy any of the sweets! So I made it my mission to go back into the party and sneak them out the goods ;)


hi malinda said...

how increadibly noble of you(;

Dionne said...

What the heck? What a travesty - you would think that the coat-check would be rewarded for their coat-protecting efforts!

This all looks amazing! I too am a chocoholic. Have you ever heard of Vosges Chocolates? They are sublime! She has one with bits of applewood bacon in it. It sounds odd, but when I tried it, I was a fan for life!

bebybo said...

I love your blog, it´s great.
Congratulations from Spain.

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

Yum. I also love chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Awww That's so incredibly sweet of you to do that for them. I'm sure you made their night(week even!).

Anonymous said...

I agree, that was a very thoughtful gesture!
The sculptures look so amazing and so very scrumptious!
Nice photos Katie!

Anonymous said...

You have always so great pictures of great quality on your blog - my compliments!

Best Regards,

chelswildflower said...

you are such a sweetie.

how can you stay so thin if you eat chocolate that much????
i guess happiness burns fat...

Laila said...

dude you are SO lucky.
That was really sweet of you.

drachen said...

Hey its so reassuring that you are a chocoholic too, so it's not just the miserable crowd i sometimes thionk i belong to that enjoys this wonderful best sweet on earth in all variations :D :) :) :) :) :)

Thank you for this celebration of chocolate and it was such a great act of kindness that you helped out the coat-check in their unfair chocolate shortage :) :) :) :).

*havingjustboughtsomefreshchocolateandeatensomeofit* mjamjamjam :) :) :) :)