Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Every day I see such lovely things.


ED said...

I've realised I've just reached the end of your blog. Or maybe the beginning? I also realised this post had no comments, so I thought I'd add to it to keep it some company.

There are such wonderful things in the world. I'm sure lots of people say such lovely things about you all the time, and you know them without the need to be told...

Well, I just wanted to say that it's all beautiful, and I can't remember the last time anything made me feel like there was a pure, innocent, fabulous beauty like this in the world.

I suppose I should get out more, but thank you for the wake-up call.

Good luck with your projects, and I look forward to new posts.

M.dot said...

Gosh Katie,

A friend send me a link to your blog this morning. Was browsing through it at work and couldn't wait to get back home and go through the archives of this mad, fun and happy blog.

Its absolutely fantastic...

wait... its quite magical!

Have seen your shadow work on Wooster I think.. so, when I saw it again on this blog, I remembered that. Serendipitous!

Wishing you all the madness and happiness... and thanks for bringing THISSSSSSSSSs big a grin to my face.

Happy sailing!

luke and pamela said...

dear katie: i just found your blog last night and poured through the whole thing until 3am. this morning i woke up and realized i'd dreamed that i started singing in the street and the people around starting singing and dancing with me! it was awesome!

your blog and ideas and videos are so creative and inspiring! thanks for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

hi katie! i started reading your latest blog and read until this, the very end/beginning, like emma said above. your art is very inspirational and thought provoking. keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all of the above! I just wish there were more and more pages for me to smile at :)

MrsVikkitoria said...

I linked to your blog from Evie George a mummy type blog in the UK I follow and what a joyful surprise for my weekend! I've had such fun following your adventures over the last couple of days whenever I get a few minutes and my kids have adored the colourful images. You are a wonderful artist and I shall look forward to hearing about yours, Matt's and Moo's adventures from here on in!
love MD xx

Kir said...

I'm rather sad I reached the end. I discovered your blog last night and finished reading it when I got up this morning. I love how bright and cheerful and colorful you are! I can't wait to see your new posts. :)
You make me want to paste construction paper and cut-outs all over my walls!

Filigrana said...

Well, this is your first post, but the last i read. For now...i reached the beggining of your blog and i'm sad because now i'll have to wait until you post new things! you are genius, inspiring, great, fun, cute, lovely. I really admire your spirit and energy. you really inspire people.
i hope you understand my english!!!


Shrinath said...

Like everyone above me, who have commented, I too have reached your first post! But then, I will be coming back to your page time and time again! Keep up the cheers!

Elina said...

Dear Katie, you make me so happy! I just reached the beginning of your blog, and your blog makes me appreciate the little things in life more. I love to photograph and I'm really inspired by your blog. Maybe I'm gonna blog to, then you'll hear from me soon!


Greetings & hugs from Holland - and Elina (me xD)

Unknown said...

What a fun thing to do .... comment on the beginning as if it were the end!!
Your blog has become a favourite. My husband and I have laughed over the improv everywhere. My husband coached high school competitive improv ... the other is so much fun.
Keep doing what you do

Moira Pineda said...

Hi, I just came across your blog yesterday night (May 31,2010) and read it all the way to the um (should I say end or the beginning?) :D anyways, i love you! i wish i had awesome imagination too.

you just really inspire me, the way you can change lives =D you definitely made me happier. so from now on, i'll be more productive, and make other people happy too. you know, uhh.. share the love =D

P.S. i love moo too.

Unknown said...

I just spent a good portion of my afternoon holed up in my dorm room reading through all your entries.

They really put a smile on my face - especially considering what a dreary day it is at the moment.

Anyways, i think you're a wonderful inspiration. I love your style and it really brings a huge smile to my face to see someone so carefree and happy.

I'm a photographer - well a budding one at least - as well and I like your approach with photography. It's just so real.

Keep up the work and best of luck to you in the future!

ivok said...

Hi Katie =)
I just couldn`t stop reading your blog - then realized its the first post here... Well, keep it up! =)

12FV, RFV said...

i cant believe how many stories on this 1st post of how they read your entire blog until this post. today is 6/21 and i found your lomography 360 degree video off a lomo site and read every post thereafter. cheers.

12FV, RFV said...

i cant believe how many stories on this 1st post of how they read your entire blog until this post. today is 6/21 and i found your lomography 360 degree video off a lomo site and read every post thereafter. cheers.

nady said...

hi katie!

i'm from malaysia. i spent my working hours today reading your blog(luckily i'm just an intern and i don't get paid) ;p. my best friend introduced me to this blog and i'm totally inspired. i was kinda sad as i reached your first post. i can't wait for your new entries and projects. now i feel like running to the stores to buy colourful papers!

Anonymous said...

Over the past couple of days I have read through your whole blog and you have inspired me more than almost anything, thankyou for existing.

petty said...

I changed my way of thinking about life after I saw Butterfly-effect.
I changed my way of thinking after I met any of my friends.
It changed me to read through your blog. Thank you! :)
Also I was quite suprised when I got to that Hungarian piece of table-art, because I'm from Hungary :) (...and I'm hungry after all these chocolates, I should have bought some)

The Skinny Turtle said...

You have something really special and unique. People can't turn away from your art and your projects! You know why? Because you are the embodiment of happiness.

I just sat for hours and read your entire blog from, erm... end to beginning. ;-)

Love It.

LucY said...

3 am and reading you blog has reminded me to just see those lovely things of everyday living... great!!

And it just started raining! I am so glad I did not go to sleep early!...and I bet you made that on purpose (being such great inspiration and keeping lots of people awake reading every page on this blog)

Quennie said...

OMG! I've reached the end/beginning of your blog. I think I read all your entries in less than a week. Yaay! I'm so happy! Thanks for making me happy. :)

Lakadara said...

Hi Katie! ^^
I'm Lara, and I'm 14 years old. I've reached the end/begining of your blog, and I think that u are the best! I love your photos, and all the things u do! You inspirate me, and I think that when I finish my exams I will do some of this ideas. Maybe the stars in your room... I love them!
I'm from Spain, but yesterday my cousin says me that there was a very beautiful blog. She was right!
I like so much your travel to Taipei, and the cats in the cafes.
I tried a lot of times to do some of your photos like jumping in the bed and some else... but I can't do it!
I will try it every week...
I'm a very big fan. Kisses ;)

Lara, from Spain :)

lifesmirrorimages said...

I've spent all week looking at each and every post you've ever posted. I love it. It has inspired me in a way I thought I already knew. I notice things in the world most others don't, but now it's like it's magnified by ten. Perhaps 100. I've been asked all week what's made me in a good mood. It's your blog. Your work. I already am a photographer, but now you have inspired me to start another blog. Some professional pics, some just with my phone. You'll have to check it out once I figure out a name for it. Thanks for the happiness Katie. Your work is awesome!!

nataya, chacha, nchan said...

Hi, i'm quite new follower and everytime i read i keep reading more pages and more pages, and more pages..and more...even when there has not bee new post yet. your blog is awsome! Your whimsical style and sense of humor is so great ,helpfull in the hard days:) :) :) :) :) :) :)... (a loooot of smileys, see)

Jessio said...

Hi Katie,
Like lots of other people on here I've managed to find and read through your *entire* blog in the last few days (the most uplifting procrastination ever ;). I couldn't stop! You have an incredible sense of fun, resilience, imagination and energy - and the best part about it is that you go out of your way to share that with everyone, whether that be on your blog or on the streets. What a gift :) Positivity is infectious, and you've certainly reminded me to take a look at situations as opportunities rather than problems - to look for beauty everyday, and express that creatively. Beautiful! Thank you :)
Jess (from Australia)

Jylos said...

Me too!

Unknown said...

I can't believed I finished it. I'm happy to have finished it but sad that there wasn't any more :(
i'm looking forward to more silly things and now i'm thinking of adopting a mountain cat or a siberian dwarf hamster. I really can't decide.

I'm thinking of spreading color and happiness around where I live. Thank you for being such an inspiration :)

AngelKein♥ said...

Went through your whole blog :) I love you!

crazee_tangerine said...

Awwh... The end already. Or the beginning? LOL

I so love your blog, Katie. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
you've inspired me so much. I've never tried anything like what you've done, ever, but from now onwards i will try to. Thank you!

Alive in the Fire said...

Just when I thought I'd reached the end of the blog... I decided to click on the comments :) These little notes are a testament to what you're really up to in this space, Katie: brightening the world around you, and showing love and compassion for complete strangers. Such beautiful work!

Thank you for offering readers like me the chance to escape, smile, laugh, and feel like a kid :) So lovely!


Anonymous said...

I have not been able to stop reading your blog since first finding it this week and now I've come to the first post I feel the need to comment. I work everyday trying to help people who are sick and mostly very sad. I am someone who always tries to look for joy in places where there sometimes seems very little but that can feel almost too hard at times. You're blog has reminded me that the joy is out there, I just have to keep looking. Thanks Katie :)

All joy to you,

Lucy :)

Catherine Sang said...

I drop by your blog every time I am feeling a little blue and instantly become happier after reading a few posts. Thanks you for being so lovely!

Amoniel said...

I reached the last page of your blog in about three days :D It was a ton of fun looking through all your old posts, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hello from Finland, I found your blog about 2 weeks ago and just finished reading the whole thing. I've read sooo many blogs but this is by far the most incredible! You, Matty and Moo are amazing. Thank you for showing your spirit and love for the world!!

Zeruda said...

Wow, I just went throught your whole blog! It's so amazing i can't breath!!

I used to be fun and colorful too once, but I lost it along the way of reality. I've been searching to find that side of myself, but I have been unable. But thanks to your blog I think I found that little missing piece of myself again.

Thank you Katie!

Ps. Your blog should be published as a book!! I need a new bible!