Thursday, May 27, 2010

12 things I love about Moo

He swims in the bathtub with no water,
he likes to have a bird's eye view of me cleaning the closet,
he's a chicken kisser,
he turned my new chair into his new throne,
Moo's girlfriend
his girlfriend is a squirrel named Shanda,
he's the king of camouflage,
he helps me get dressed,
he thinks he's sneaky,

I could probably build a whole new Moo from his shedding fur,
cat aerobics
he's into pilates,
he occasionally turns into a bridge,
and I can't tell whether he's cuter right side up or upside down!


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Anonymous said...

Omg... I can't stop reading your blog.. I can't stop giggling and smiling...

A piacere said...

Que gato mais lindo!!
Sem falar nas fotos bem tiradas e fofas ♥

Steffi said...

I Love Moo!

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