Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Blog!

ColorMeKatie blog turns 2 years old this week.
Ugh...they grow up so fast...
So I really want to thank you for being so supportive and always making me smile with your comments. If I could I would give you all a gigantic, pick you up and spin you around, hug.
Since the blog is now 2 years old, I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A post. Is there something you would like to ask or know about me? Ask away in the comments and I'll make a post next week answering as many as I can!


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neusvg said...

Happy birthday!!! and thank you for every post :)

Neus (spain)

ayod said...

happy blog birthday! loveee all the way from Indonesia :)

okay, my question: what is your biggest ambition in life?

Vicky Bonifacio said...

Happy Birthday from Argentina!!!
Your blog it´s a big inspiration of creativity!! Thanks ♥

Abbie said...

Happy blog birthday!!

Monique said...

Happy Birthday Color Me Katie Happy, Birthday Color Me Katie, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Color Me Katie.

Question: What memory or experience from your childhood has influenced the person you are today.


Juliette Crane said...

happy blog birthday! i always LOVE reading.

i'm wondering if you've ever taught any of your art projects at workshops or whether you're thinking about it for the future?


Unknown said...

Happy bday from Argentina!
My questions:

How do you get those amazing colours in your pics?

Where do you look for inspiration? (i look for it at your blog i must ad)

Thanks and happy bday again!

nora said...

Happy b'day !!!

Wish you the best Katie !

Love to follow your entries as always...


Catherine said...

Fun! Happy birthday!

Question: What's your Myers Briggs personality type?

I always want to know this about people... If you don't already know your type, I think this quiz is pretty accurate: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp

Angie said...

Happy birthday! It seems like only yesterday you were celebrating your first year!

My question: can I interview you for my school paper? It would mean the world to me!

CyPinGirl said...

happy bday color me katie blog! and katie thank YOU for your lovely blog! i've said it before but i'm saying it again: you ALWAYS put a smile on my face, no matter what! THANKS! keep it going!

greetings from cyprus

Ma-Lee said...


a)How do you get those wonderful and bright colors? Any kind of settings in your camera or its post processing?

b) What does mean happiness for you?

c) Any advice for young photog to lose the fear to go outside and take pic randomly?

d) Please post one or maybe 3 of your fav+ pics

:D Saludos desde Nicaragua

Unknown said...


What's your favourite chocolate?

;) said...

wishing u hapy hapy b'day katie's blog!!! ^^

ur entry n pics really make my days!!

most ppl ask the Q i wanna ask;
so, my Q : how old is Moo??

-rina (malaysia!)

Margaret Albaugh said...

Katie, I think your blog is beautiful!
I would love to know how you take such beautiful pictures... what kind of camera do you have? What settings do you use ot get such vivid bright pictures? And how do you usually edit your pictures?
And how do you manage to photo your cat in such fun poses??

Thanks for the inspiration over the years!

lauren ♥ said...

happy blog birthday!

i would love to know if you ever plan on having children?! i think you would be the cutest/funnest mother ever! <3

Jill said...

I love your blog so much! It always makes me smile! Also, spinny hugs are the best! Back at you!!!

黃愛玲 said...

Happy birthday. =o)


Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your blog!! You are one of my absolute favorite blog reads out there!

Allie said...

What are some of your favorite movies?

What's your favorite thing about your adorable boyfriend Matt?

Ada said...

już 2 lata? myślałam, że dłużej ;D

only 2 years? I think, it is longer ;D
Your girl fan from Poland. I'm sorry for mistakes.

Oona.. said...

Happy birthay blog!! :)

always when i read your blog,i`m happy..:)

-Oona (Finland)

peewee said...

Seriously, you have to be one of the MOST inspirational people I've ever "known".

You posts make me smile EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. WHo else does that? I love watching your success and can't wait for more!!

SO, a HUGE HUGE (can't make these caps bigger!) THANK YOU!!!!!!

Jutta said...

You are so crazy creative, your posts always makes me smile. So, what I'd like to know is... Did you study something - art, photography, something - or how did you end up doing what you do? :)

MumGa said...

Bravo et continue encore longtemps, ton blog est épatant de créativité, il est joli et frais, j'adore y venir :)

Thank you from France

Hannah said...


What kind of scissors do you use?

Jeanette, Sweden said...

Love your blog! It makes my day:)

You have a very colourful and unique style on your photos. How did you find your way and style to express yourself?

Kristen said...

Happy blog-birthday! Yay!

What's your favorite lens with which to shoot?? If you could get any new camera lens, what one would it be and why?

Renee said...

Wow that's so great!! Happy birthday to your blog!

What I really love to hear is how you make your photos so colorful!

Charmalade said...

I'd love to hug you in a high adrenaline spinning hug! Hippy burpday-- uh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Katie's blog!

And here are my simple questions three:
1) What's the silliest thing you've ever done in public that you loved doing? (I know there are a lot to choose from!)
2) What's one symbol/thing you'd want to be represented by?
3) What's your faaaaavorite color?


Toast with Charmalade

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your blog! *sending a birthday-hug all the way across the Atlantic* I'm following it all the way from Norway and enjoying every bit of it!

My little question is: what would you make if I say the words: ferret, purple and snoring?

I love all the strong colors you use, and all your photos!

Amanda said...

Congratulations! I think your blog is amazing and I read it every day. Instant happiness. Happy Birthday!

Charlene said...

Katie! Congratulations on 2 years!
I stumbled across your blog using stumble upon and have been hooked ever since!

Your pictures make me smile, and whenever I get the chance I send them around my office to spread the love!

My question - whats your favorite way to spend a lazy sunday?

Your the best!

Unknown said...

I recently started to read your blog, and I love it! Everytime I need to smile, I just look at your cat-photos. So: tank you! And congrats!

Jamie said...

Love your blog! It makes me so happy to see your photos! You are also an inspiration to my photos! THANK YOU!!

My question: What is your most favorite/craziest/absurd/ugly creation you have ever made??

Thanks for being so cute and so creative!!!

R.M. Koske said...

Happy Birthday! I'm thinking seriously that your blog needs to move from my "eye candy" folder to my "happy" folder - while you're eye candy, definitely, I sometimes skip reading that folder. Happy is always a must-read, and you always deliver it.

My question - How many shots do you have to take to catch yourself in the air when bouncing on the bed? We tried to take a "jumping" photo for a scavenger hunt and had a ton of trouble synching with the timer on the camera. (You should make up a photo scavenger hunt - I bet you'd come up with FABULOUS requirements)

Many thanks for so many smiles.

Anonymous said...

How Jewish Are You?

Shorty said...

Happy Bloggedy Birthday! I would like to know if you've always been such a colorful personality (as in born that way), or did you become that way in college or found inspiration from the people around you? You know how sometimes you just meet people who've always been full of spirit and life and color, and then there are people who had something happen in their life that helped them see life in a more lively, free-spirited way. I love how you post about your life and the colors you share, not only the physical colors but the colors in your personality and style. This is just such a fun blog to stop and visit!!! Thanks for all that you share!

Linda Sue said...

Your blog is the coolest blog in the universe therefore you must be the coolest person in the universe- is this true? Also another questions, from where do you get your energy- are you bipolar or adhd, or are you just magic?

Anonymous said...

what is your religious preference?

LindaW said...

So glad you make this blog. When I see your latest posts, I almost always smile or laugh. Your pictures are not only colorful and beautiful, but playful and good reminders that life is not all seriousness!

This may be a remedial sort of question, but how do you get such sharp focus on your main figure and blur the background (see Star Trek Cat for example)? Is this something that can be done with a standard "point and shot" camera, or is something you need to be manually focusing? In other words, how much of that technique depends on the type of camera you are using (auto focusing vs manual). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

HAppy birthday!

Why do you want the world to stay young?

Does matty and you always party like kids?

I would love if the rest of the world had fun like that.

Aditya said...

Happy birthday Katie's blog.. :) Looks like i am one of the very few guys who are ur fans..Ur blog is filled with full of life and has made me smile each and every time i have visited it. Thank you so much for that. Would love to have a creative friend like u in not just the cyber world but real world too..
Ok now for my question, what other career would u have selected if not photography?? And tell me,if given a chance what is that one thing u would change from ur past??

Anonymous said...


And my questions:
You look so, so, SO happy on your photos.
Are you sad sometimes too?
Are you often argue with your boyfriend? (if it happens:)
Do you believe in God? if yes, than which religion/church/community you belongs to? If this is important in your life?

diane vogt said...

you will NEVER know how proud I am of you!!!!Happy b-day to your blog!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday katie's blog!
I love your blog and you have inspired me a lot!
Well, the question:

Which countries have you been in?

thank you for a wonderful blog!

/ Filippa (sweden)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. I love your blog and everything you post here.
Thank you
Mar, Portugal

H.R said...

Happy Birthday :) i wish you all the best, and i hope that i make a blog like yours.

Unknown said...

YAY! That is so awesome and I'm glad that I've been following you for the majority of the time!

Q: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? :)

Unknown said...

I love drinking tea with a cat during a rainy day. What's yours?

Unknown said...


melifaif said...

Happy 2 years! Okay. This is kind of lame. BUT. 'Tis I. It is obvs you LOVE color. All colors. 'Tis I. But, if you HAD to only pick one - or else you die - what is your ONE favorite color? I am going to venture out and guess. And say GREEN. No, yellow. Yes, it is yellow, isn't it?

Louise said...

Happy Birthday Katie's Bloggity Blog!
Katie, thank you for inspiring me, for being so happy and fun and full of joy. I want to be like you when I grow up!
What I'm most curious about is: What is your motivation in life? What makes you get (or jump?) out of bed in the morning? And what do you do to recharge your batteries?

Much love to you!

dana said...

Congratulations! I expect many more color-filled photos and posts in the future.

I was wondering what inspired you to get into photography, and what your favorite camera was/is. :)

mahler76 said...

first of all many happy birthday to your blog from Athens Greece. Since you asked for it here is my question. Is your life so truly happy and "colorful" as your pictures??? [please say yes :)]

Raquel said...

Happy b-day, for your amazing blog, Kattie!
It always makes me smile. :)

lucie said...

thank you to make us smile!
happy birthday!
I send you an huge french hug!
<(^0^)>... (>^-^<)

jdavissquared said...

Happy B{log}irthday!
I love your happy spirit and your photos always make me smile.
What is one thing you think everyone should try to incorporate into their life?

miiich said...

Congratulations to your colorful blog!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dear blog!
i'm always interested how artists like you got started so what were you like when you were 16/17 years old?

Dani said...

Happy Birthday! I know your blog won't suffer the Terrible Twos. :)

Question: What is your favourite song at the moment and what is one of your all time favourite songs? (kind of two questions..)

Kitty Da'Mon said...

Happy Birthday blog! lolz. kk. My question is . . . How did you become part of Improv Everywhere? And how could I? Answer pwease. X3

adam.and.e said...

would you ever consider being a guest blogger on my blog? i just love your outlook on life and want to share it :)


I am Julianne! said...

Happy Birthday, sweet, sweet blogosphere!

and Congrats to you Katie!


SANTA said...


Anne said...

Congrats Katie! Hope this question hasn't been asked yet: you've made us very happy with your positive and funny blog, but has blogging had an effect on you too? Did it change your life in any way? On to the next couple of years! xoxo

Stephanie said...

Thank you Katie!!! And I do have a question:

Do you ever find time to do random shoots for people like me who are just DYING to have you take pictures for them?

I'm getting married soon-ish and have already told my boyfriend that I want to hire you to take our engagement pictures. How much would I have to beg to make that happen?!

Fabiola Trujillo said...

Congratulations =) my question is

if i buy you a plane vticket would you be my wedding photographer? i live in Ecuador!

Bethany said...

Happy birthday from Italy! I hope there are far more than 2 years left in it!

Bogdan said...

Happy Happy Happy Bbb dayyyy! And keep up de yummy work! we sure enjoy it!

Saskia said...

Hey! Happy Birthday!!!
My question: could you come and decorate my student room?!!

Okey, i know you can't do that cuz you would have to travel all the way to Amsterdam for that...
So my real question is; What is something you always wished for but never could do/have?

Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Actually I should say "Happy birthday!", because Your blog ... well, it is You! So sincere and joyful!

Thanks to this amazing blog Your smile has guided me through some depressing times. I was truly miserable on the day I discovered Your blog, but with every picture and every project I was seeing there, my mood rised into heaven - I even laughed after that long dark day!

Now I`m so inspired of Your activities and courage to do what You love, so I have changed or better -I have brought out my spontanious, inspired and curious side.

Thank You SO much for being the light in the darkest night!

Let the sun shine in front of the clouds!
Liis from Estonia

The Scientist said...

Wow! I love your blog! It makes me so happy! Congratulations! :)

Question: Your life seems so perfect! Do you ever have fights?

Tori said...

Happy, Happy Birthday.

I have a few questions...you don't have to answer them all but I just wanted to come up with a bunch...

1. What's your favourite colour? OR if you could invent a new colour what would you call it?
2. Which blog post has been you're favourite?
3. How did you come up with you're cat's name?
4. What do you think the funniest word you know is?

Have a great day!

Rachel J said...

Congrats! Your blog is lovely!

A question I have is what artists do you turn to when you need inspiration?

Chelsea said...

I agree with Catherine, I've always wanted to know your Myers-Briggs type, and also, what's your favorite color/movie? And do you think you and Matt are going to get married? :)

Thanks for an amazing blog Katie.

Liesl said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Color Me Katie...how exciting!!!

Liesl :)

jsanalak said...

I just moved to New York, can we hang out? :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! It's growing up into a wonderful blog :)

I'm going to Japan next summer and I LOVED your posts about your trip. Do you have any advice on what one must see/do while visiting there? Thank you!

April said...

Woooo. Although I haven't looked at your blog for 2 years. I've looked at everything from the beginning til. I love it! Happy birthday colormekate.blogspot.com!

If you weren't doing what you're doing now(being a photographer and doing improveverywhere stuff) what would you be doing?

Bo said...

Happy birthday Katie!! I do love your blog, it always makes me smile :)

My question: What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?

Have a nice day!

Bo, from the Netherlands :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie and happy birthday Colormekatie!

The sheer happiness you and your blog bring to the world is amazing. Thank you. You inspired me to put paper planes over a whole wall of my room haha.

What keeps your creative side inspired, happy, and alive?

BEST WISHES, and here is many more years!

Andres from Los Angeles

Unknown said...

this is not quite a question...

I was first very inspired of your blog. it made me smile, and happier looking at your wonderfully crazy ideas and pictures

so one (VERY COLD) november day last year, we went into town (i live in denmark, the city is Fredeicia), and put up smiley faces and googly eyes on benches, trash cans and buildings.
when people passed by, i saw them smile, and this made me happy.

i truly respect you, and beleive that you have the power to make people around the world smile.

please keep doing so

tons of love

Anonymous said...

way to be awesome, all the time.

there is something to be said for someone being able to make a living doing what they love. fortunately the reward for the scraping to get there is a life well lived.

your prolificacy has always impressed me. how do you keep your art-making stamina up? do you set goals for yourself? (...i will make ONE rad thing a week).

also, how do you shake yourself out of a slump?

Nate B. said...

When it comes to photography do you prefer natural light or using flashes to create your own lighting?

Also, Amelie seems like such a huge influence on your photo style I was wondering what other movies inspire you to create?

Rio said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!! Thankyou for all the hard work you put into your blog. I'm just starting out, and you've been a real inspiration (gawwwwww). My question therefore issss, do you have any top tips for creating a succesful and meaningful blog? Thankyou!!


luli gonzalez reig said...

Happy Birthday!!! A mountain of hugs and kisses from Buenos Aires :)

What's your favourite movie?

Quennie Barrameda said...

Thanks for making me happy everytime. :D

Can you share some photgraphy tips?

LivingInSong said...

Happy Birthday from Alaska! I hope you have many more years of blog success! <3
My question: Where did you develop your love of bright colors and all things cute and sweet?

Victoria said...

I love your blog very much! You've inspired me to take my passion seriously and turn it into a career.

What are the steps you took starting from school up to making money and supporting yourself? I really want to peruse the field but I have no idea how to do it and make money doing it.

--sme said...

Happy Birthday! Your posts make me smile!

Two questions:
1) What's your favorite post from the past two years?

2) Is there a project that you're eager to undertake, but you just aren't ready to do it yet? What/why/when, etc?

leah said...

how do edit your pictures? they're so bright and beautiful!

Meg said...

Happy Birthday!! (:

My questions:

1) What camera do you use and how do you get the amazing colors?

2) I would love to get a nice camera, any suggestions?

3) Favorite band/musician?

Your blog is very inspiring, I look forward to reading it every post. (:

girl said...

happy birthday!

1. what camera do you use?

2. If you have a Nikon, what made you choose it? And vice versa for canon or sony or whatever you have. (:

35jupe said...

Glad you're blogging, Katie! Happy birthday to your blog. That's an accomplishment.

PeopleInTheSun said...

You've done great in two years. This place always makes me smile. Keep on dreaming.

Fernanda Balan said...

Happy birthday from BRAZIL!!
I love you blog!, and makes me smile :)

Miy said...

Happy blog- aniversary!!

I love your blog! It always puts a smile in my heart and really very inspiring (I've tried some of your projects myself and loving it!)

Keep up the happy work!

The Picnic Girl

It's my Life said...

Happy B-day to your blog. You make me smile with every post. I love your creativity and trying to live my life more creatively!

Stacy said...

I can't believe it's been 2 years?! I first found your site through Jake Bronstein's ZoomDoggle. :o)
My question: If you had to choose, what is your favourite colour and why?

L said...

Wow! it's only been a day and there're over 100 comments!! You've done so well reaching here. haha. Congrats on ur 2nd bday, bringing smiles and inspirations to us the readers!

Q: where are you travelling to next? Australia? :)

ashley said...

yaaay :]

heres my question:
What kind of lenses do you use if you are doing portraits?

Im starting out and learning in school, but i want to be able to work on my own, and i'm still a little new to it all :)

Shelley said...

happy 2 years!!

how did you start and maintain such a popular blog? it must be hard to keep up with all of the new followers!!

Sarah said...


1. I was wondering if you'd want to recommend a camera for me? I know my way around a camera, but I've only used film.

But NOW I'm investing in a digital camera ($1000 or less) before I study in Florence next semester, and I'm gathering ideas.

2. I realize that people before me (I didn't read) have probably asked that, so bonus question:

If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could choose to have either a lifetime supply of any food or your favorite album, which would you choose? And what would the album/record be?

look a little closer said...

Happy birthday blog! :) It seems like most the things I wonder have already been asked! I love that and I love how colorful everything you do is! You must radiate love and color when you walk into a room :)

I saw in one of your posts that you did a creative class of some sorts, when is your next one?

Also, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? :)

thanks for your colors and awesomeness. :)

you rock!

Aris Raphael said...

When are you planning to come visit us in Malaysia? My girlfriend is a huge fan of your blog ftw, and I admit it, despite how much manly mojo had to go out the window, she got me hooked on it too. =D

Abby said...

Happy blog birthday, Color Me Katie!!

Question: What were some of your favorite books as a kid?

Anonymous said...

The happiest of blog birthdays to you! I wish you a big fat blog cake!

Question: Where do you get your art-blog-life inspirations? Whenever I read your blog, I am always very impressed by the way you find fun and beauty in everyday life.

Raptor Plateado said...

happy birthday blog!! congratulation Katye!!

Syahirah Huda said...

Happy blog birthday. <3

Btw, I've been wondering how do you get those awesome, amazing colours in your pictures?

Cause I love them like crazy.

Susan said...

YAY! KATIE! 2 YEARS! :) I have LOVED your blog since the first time I set eyes on it. You are awesome.

I was just wondering, what program do you use to edit? Lightroom, or Photoshop, or both? Do you shoot in RAW or JPG? Also, my MAIN question is: What are your "go-to" moves during editing? (Like, what are the steps you usually follow? Because I love how bold the colors are, and how rich the photographs look, and am wondering what your typical "formula" is, if there is one).

Keep on truckin'! :) You're awesome at what you do! (Making people happy-in case you didn't know).

German said...

Happy birthday, and many moooooore... You´re great!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! How did you find Moo? How old is Moo? When do we get to see more fabulous Moo posts? Cheers!

Hamizah VenXas said...

Happy Blog Birthday from Malaysia !!
Hope you stay healthy to keep posting here :)

My question is:
How can you take pictures when you know everyone is looking at you?

Lauren said...

Thanks for posting, your blog always makes me smile :) I'd give you a hug too if I could!

Questions: Have you considered selling prints of some of your photos? And is there any news on the giant exclamation point buttons?

UpGemini said...

Congratulations! Are you sending your blog to the kindergarten any time soon? OK, that was not my official question! :)

Q is: where do you and Matt like going for a short fun getaway/adventure?

A N A G O N said...

Happy birthday to this inspiring and beautiful blog!!! :))

SamanthaJanay said...

happy birthday colormekatie.blogspot! my question is this: i have a photography degree, but (so far) have been unable to find a job relevant to it. i miss being creative. what's a good creative outlet you'd suggest i can poor my heart into outside of my boring job?

Anonymous said...

Congrats! On your baby blog :)
Now, the question: "Come wind, hail or fire ________ will always happen!"

Joanna said...

I love how inspiring your blog is!
My question is....
"How do you keep yourself motivated everyday?"

jacobian said...

why you use blogspot? I think 2 years is still a short period of time n my suggestion is that you should use your own domain name so that you'll look kind of proffesional blogger.

cafiena said...

happy birthday ColorMeKatie!!

e-hug and e-spin you around.

you have inspire many people around the world, and my question is:

1) ColorMeKatie have shown so much positivity of life,what do you do with all the negativity around you?

2)can you say hi to moo and the giant turkey for me?

Adrielle said...

Hello Katie

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to colormekatie, from the little sunny island, Singapore.

Love all the colorful photoshoots and the fun thoughts you've shared with us throughout this two years! Do make another trip to Asia again with all the engaging and fun missions. =]

Question for you: In your perspective, what does it takes to be a happy being?


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!

I am new to living alone, and by a friend's suggestion, I want to make my place more exciting with silhouettes. My first project: I want to pretend I am living a giant, empty medieval hall and maybe cut out a few people for conversation.

Where do you get all of your materials for your projects? What did you use for the shadow project and other paper to wall imaginings?


The Pink Lily said...

happy blog birthday all the way from Brunei. I love you pictures! all of them. They make me smile :)

Question: Would you come to Brunei someday?


Coley said...

Happy Birthday Color Me Katie's blog!! :)

1. Where do you come up with all your creative ideas?
2. How do you find time to cut up so much stuff??
3. Do you ever sell your prints and if so where???

slak said...

happy birthdays blog from barcelona!!
your blog is a inspiration for me, when you find your inspiration?

June said...

I don't have any questions at the mo', but huge congrats!!!!

Rachel M said...

Happy blog Birthday!

Georgia said...

Hi! Happy blog B-day from England! Love the blog, always have! It's very inspirational.

My question: out of all the photos you've ever taken, which is your favourite?

Kartika Azmi said...

happy oh-anniversary! :D
-all the way from Malaysia

the q is,what kind of camera r u using?


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day from the Netherlands, and also lots of love from my 2 cats bebel & Lola hihi

Frau Neff said...

Happy Birthday from Ukraine! It's so interesting to read you! Thank you so, that you make this world more kindly and sincere!

Anonymous said...

Happy blog birthday!

My question is:

(and I apologise if I or someone else has asked this before and you've answered)

On your post where you showed us how to make a heart lens effect using a filter made out of black cardboard, how big did you make the heart-shaped hole?

I tried it once before but it turned out as an embarrassing failure! Haha.

lucia said...

happy birthday!!! :)

lizzie said...

happy birthday, blog!

question; what/where did you study, if at all? do you work for yourself? I was just wondering if you feel studying is/was worth it, or if working for yourself is more to do with your personality and talent.

whatever you did to make yourself take the photos you do, keep doing it! :) :) :) :) :)

Leovi said...

I like your blog, is interesting.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your colorful blog!

I love asking questions...This may be a difficult one to answer: What is your favorite "subject"/thing/occasion to photograph? Do you have a favorite photograph/image? If so, can you share it?

I like asking people about their "favorites" but have a hard time answering the question myself! ; ) There are so many treasured favorites to have!

saoirse said...

happy birthday dear color me katie!
n congratulations dear katie for making my life a bliss whenever I read ur blog;D

Helena said...

Happy blog birthday!

My question: how can I read the oldest posts? Is there any other way than clicking 'Older Posts' again and again?

tRiSh said...

Happy Birthday lovely-lively blog!!! =)

What is your best memory in these 2 years blogging?

Anonymous said...

how do you always manage to stay happy amidst life's troubles?

Alisa said...

Happy birthday to a blog that makes others happy!!

Q: What blogs do you follow on a regular basis?

Anonymous said...

Happy belated blog birthday, Katie! Thank you for sharing your many gifts with us.

What's been one of the biggest revelations for you as a blogger?

Monina Blues said...

Happy Birthday Color Me Katie! Thank´s for sharing your Colourful life with us.

Anonymous said...

My question has already been asked in a previous comment, so I'll just say Happy Birthday. I enjoy reading your site!

Dee said...

happy birthdya love! tell me! do u use recycled paper 4 ur paper creations? and love MOO hugs to him!

Dee from Sri Lanka

Risa said...

Hi! I'm a college student in LA and I've been stressing out a lot over these past years trying to aim to become a music therapist. And even through all the difficulties that CAian students are going through right now... your blogs are one of the things I look forward to when I'm just too stressed and tired at the end of the day!

Thank you for spreading your happiness!!! I have been inspired by your cheery outlook on life to become more like you (in a "me" way) and less of a stressed out ball of tiredness :P

Happy birthday ColorMeKatie!

My question for you is: have you ever played a musical instrument and what is your favorite sound (any sound. a baby's burp?)? Or what instrument would you LIKE to play? I play piano, violin, (in high school,) marching drums, and taiko (which are these giant japanese drums).

Anonymous said...

happy birthday (:

when you first started out, what camera did you use?


siniann said...

Happy birthday!

Maybe this question was already somewhere there, but I'm interested to hear that what you have been studying (mostly for photographing) and how all this did start?

Breeze said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Question: You think you'll marry Matt??

Anonymous said...

congratulations! i love your blog ♥

Anonymous said...

what inspires you?

Nathalie (Bluna), Muse said...

thanx 4 your lovely blog!

Are you human? From Earth?

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your blog!

Q: What program do you edit your photos in? What lens(es) do you use?


Anela Deisler said...

I'm a first grade teacher...do you have any fun ideas for six year olds?

Unknown said...

Love your blog! Please keep it up Katie!

What brand of masking tape do you use?
Where do you get your idea from??


Christine said...


1.what camera etc. Do you use?
2. Do you think you'd ever come to Norway?
3. If i ever come to NY, can we meet up? ;)

Hug from Christine (Norway)

Anonymous said...

Which is your favourite picuture you've taken??

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Really love your blog and your photos... some of them are so funny.. and I enjoy it!!..
I start folowwing you like 8 months ago. and you where kind an inspiration for me to start in to all of this... im a chef, but im starting to enjoy this a lot!!!....
just wishing Santa could bring me a little really nice camera!:D
keep doing what you are doing!!.. ur the best!!! im glad that i found you on the net.. :D

happy 2nd year!

katie said...

ok, I have a question. imagine you had to live the rest of your life using your left hand for everything - EVERYTHING you do ALL the time (assuming you are right handed) - OR walk backwards every Tuesday for ever and ever
which one?

Sofia said...

Happy blog birthday! :)
I'd like to know how do you make your photos look so bright and colourful.. I find them really amazing !

Thank you,
Love your blog !

Kristen said...

Happy Birf-day Color Me Katie!

If you were a Disney Character, who would you be?

I think you'd be Mary Poppins

Alli said...

happy birthday to your fabulous blog!!
thought you would enjoy this post on my blog. gotta love COLOR!



Anonymous said...

Your blog and your life inspires me to be a better and happier person!

My question is: Do you feel your life is complete, and if so, have you always felt this way or has it only been recently that everything has fallen into place?

I'm afraid I'll never feel complete

Anonymous said...

everything you do seems to be splashed with a rainbow, so i'm curious...do you have a favorite color?

Yoan said...

Hi Katie!

Happy Birthday for your blog. I really like to read your blog, because it gives me inspiration of life :)

My question are
1. If you could turn into a fruit, what will you choose? and give the reason :)
2. Which one do you prefer, able to fly in the sky or swim underwater without air?

Thanks :D

stellakwan said...

Happie Bloggie Bday! Thanks for all the lovely and beautiful posts. They always made my day :)

My question... how did you end up with Moo? Moo's lovely!

Bekky S. said...

Happy birthdaaay :D I love your blog, you're so amazing! I want to be just like you someday! ^^
My question is, Why are you so amazing? Haha

(you don't have to answer that XD)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the blog. You're absolutely right, the grow up so fast. I have 5 children, and it's the same with them.....

The blog always make me smile, you're so inspirering, and any grey day, can be filled with sun and light, when looking at your fantastic photos.

Thank you for that.

Lots of love from Trine, reading your blog all the way from Denmark :-)

- Kathy - said...

Congradulations with your blog-birthday! Time flies when you have fun, isn't it? I just LOVE your blog, everytime you update it, you make me smile. Thanks!

Question: What is your favourite picture / project you've made or worked on till now?

Molly said...

3 comments, 1 question.
1. Happy blog birthday! My blog turns one this week, although I don't have quite as many fans as you :P
2. Your photos are amazing - I've found they make great screensavers.
3.My blog was inspired by your blog, which I found out about by reading 'American Way' magazine on my way home to Australia.
Question: How did you get so well known & so many followers?

have a great blog bday xx

ruth :D said...

happy blog birthdaaaaaay! >:D<

katie! I want to tell you that you inspire me! I soooo soooo soooo adore your works! they're so creative, new, and funky!

so here's my questions:
when will you and matty get married? :D

does moo like to take baths? :3

red | hongyi said...

oh katie, i love love love you! it'd be so awesome to actually meet u in person one day. u inspire me to live a fuller, happier life. love u so much. cant wait to see ur next q&a post (haha u're gonna hv to write a lonnng post, i see!)

Shruti said...

that's the kind of hug I give my two year old brother!!
i love this blog soooooo much!
all your pictures make me smile, and I look up to you so much, but I haven't even met you, though I wish I had!
Happy Birthday, Blog!

My Question: What inspired you to start this blog?
(Hope its not a repeat)


Keith said...

Miss Katie,
In the past 2 years, what was your favorite subject to document? Matt and Moo don't count!
I vote for "Big Fat Momma".

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Colormekatie! :)

My question is, what sort of post processing do you do to your photos, if you do at all? I really love how vibrant and lush they always are, and also your creative use of blur. Try as I might, I can never try and achieve anything like it!

Melissa~ said...

Happy birthday blog!!!
Thanks for make me happy every post.
Question....When are you going to visit me?


najodleglejszy said...

happy bday blog :)

1. don't living in a big city make you depressed sometimes? I mean, lots of grayness and stuff. yeah, I know you try to improve it and add color and everything, but it's hard to color a WHOLE city, isn't it?
2. where does all your energy come from? I wish I could be soooooo smiled and full of energy and positive-thinking all day long :)

Jessica said...

Congrats on a great two years!

My question - what is your favorite color?

Anonymous said...

Whenever my mood needs a lift, I know I can come to your blog and smile!
Happy Birthday to your blog!

Karen Wallace said...

Congratulations!!! How did you go from 0 to 7800 followers in 2 years? Love your blog. Warmly, Karen

Ben said...

Katie, you are truly an inspiration. If the entire world was filled with people like you, the world would be infinitely happier and infinitely more beautiful and infinitely more awesome. Thank you for all that you do.

Here's my question for you: what are some simple projects that people can do to emulate you, and to start making the world a brighter and more colorful place no matter where we are?

St. Louis/New York

Aly said...

Happy birthday!!

I'd love to hear about your romance with Matty :)

Unknown said...

Happy birthday!! Your blog always mekes me smile.

Congrats from Argentina!

La chica said...

Congrats guapa!!

Sanna from Sweden said...

Hi Katie!
My question: How do you make your photos so colorful? Do you edit them?

Thanks for a great blog! :D

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

Hearty congratulations, from Qatar! (Actually American, but I am living here). You sure do have followers from ALL over the world. I think it is because you speak the universal language of happiness that crosses barriers. Thank you for the sunshine that you are spreading.

My question: Have you ever had someone who was having a bad day interfere with one of your shoots or be angry with it rather that the injection of joy one would expect?

All the best, and thank you.

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

Oh, a couple more. Do you have calluses from all the cutting or do you use some special ergonomic scissors? And how do you keep your scissors sharp?

Jan said...

Do you have a photography blog? For like, weddings you do, etc? :) What are your prices?

Brittany said...

happy blogversary!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your colorful pictures. Would you ever consider taking a gig as a photographer for a kids' birthday party?

Anonymous said...

i love your blog <------this--------> much! how tall are you haha. just curious. :D

Erin said...

Happy Birthday from Vancouver, Canada! You are one of the best parts on the web!

Q: What's your BIGGEST dream or wish?

Allison said...

Happy birthday, ColorMeKatie Blog! I am wondering what your "Terrible Twos" will look like.

Jessica S. said...

Happy Birthday from Hong Kong!
my question is: what are some of your favorite blogs? :)

littlemarymixup said...


Anonymous said...

Are you ALWAYS happy??? :O

Owlivia said...

Happy birthday from Malaysia :)

I don't know if someone has asked this already, but here's a question! What kind of tape do you use to stick your speech bubbles etc? :P

Rachel x said...

You're amazing.
Happy Birthday to your blog xx
i love it.
it brings me joy with every post you make x Thank you Katie x

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