Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Matty and I are leaving for Japan and Taiwan tonight!
We'll be in Tokyo for seven days and Taipei for ten.
Are we excited? Yes. Do we know anything about Japan or Taiwan? Nope.

Do you guys have any tips or experiences to share? I'd love to hear!

( We're going to do a few Improv Everywhere missions in Taiwan so If you live in Taipei and want to join us just let me know!)


cArLa said...

have a wonderful time! you guys are the cutest couple i know...

Unknown said...

Have a fabulous time my lovely :D xx

hana said...

this trip sounds great to mee! tokyo is an awesome place - as you probably know, dont forget to visit a 100 yen shop (you can buy whatever you want for 110 yen )and Thank You mart where you can buy the craziest things for 390 yen! (from fake beards to vintage clothes) also if you like Ghibli studios ,visit their museum in Mitaka.
And be careful its very easy to get lost in Japan :D - which can be also very funny :)
have a very nice trip!

Anonymous said...


Lots of love,

Unknown said...

My wife and I took our honeymoon in Tokyo about a year and a half ago. It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend visiting Akihabara, Harijuku, and the Studio Ghibli Museum.

One thing that helped quite a bit in getting around and ordering food was an app on my iPhone called Lingolook Japan. It's basically like flash cards that show English, Romanji, Kanji, and even speak the words when tapped. I don't remember how much it cost, but worth it if you have the equipment.

Have a great time!


♥peachkins♥ said...

have fun!

The Peach Kitchen
peach and things
blowing peachkisses

Eternal Lizdom said...

Have fun and stay safe in your travels! I would love to go to Japan!

C.Sarah said...

Have a fantastic time!! Make sure to take some time to visit the variety of night markets in Taiwan, they're tons of fun! Be brave with what you eat, and go to the 7/11 (or convenience stores) often; not only is there AC, there's always a good variety of food there too :)

Katie said...

I wish you were making a stop in Hong Kong, too. It's not so far from Taiwan. Just do it!! :)

Stacy said...

OMG, I hope you see this in time, because I LIVE IN TAIPEI! I'm so excited, I want to be a part of your Improv Everywhere mission! :D :D :D :D :D :D


But seriously, please e-mail me, I'm sauchih at gmail.com!

I'm so excited I can't even write eloquently!!!!!!!!! More exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shorty said...

Have a great trip! Can't wait to see your posts about the trip.

colormekatie said...

@ Stacy- haha!! I'll totally let you know about the mission!!

Miki said...

Oh, God! I'd love to join you but Taipei is a little too far from Argentina, hehe.

I've been to Japan and am of Japanese origin, although I've always lived in Argentina (and I'm about to move to and get married in California). People usually complain about the food there, because they're used to western tastes, but if you're open to trying new flavours, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Just make sure the dish you order doesn't have whantever you hate (such as fish, octopus, seaweed, I don't know). They're big on seafood, seaweed, soy in different forms, but you can be sure that you won't find weird ingredients such as rat, dog and other idiotic things some people usually mention. Not in Japanese food, anyway.

As for the rest, well, make sure you go to Akihabara to get state of the art cameras and electronic devices! =P You can't miss that place.

Hope you have a GREAT time in Asia! I'll be looking forward to looking at your pics there. I love what you do! I'd totally hire you for my wedding if I could afford it, haha.




Tellie said...

God luck! I lived in Asia for 6 years (3 of which were in Japan) and it truly is a great experience. Be sure to try lots of food!

Little Scarf Girl said...

That is so cool! :D I hope you guys have fun. I'm jealous; I minored in Japanese in college, and have always wanted to visit. If you like cute things, go check out the Pokemon Center. It's full to the brim with plush toys and the like. :)

I'd say take lots of photos, but that seems to be a given with you. ;)

taryn said...

please tell me you're going to tokyo... you have to walk around Shibuya/Harajuku area. i can't wait to see your photos. it's like disneyland there! have the best time!

Lauren said...

Tokyo Disneyland is awesome! Other than that I spent most of my time there at the Nihon Kiin playing Go so I'm looking forward to what you guys find so I can see more next time!

zhengning said...

im an asian, though i haven been to taipei, lots of my friends had!
do visit their night market, lots of yummy food awaits :) oh and make sure you try their milk tea too!

AmyBean said...

Everything I know about Tokyo I learned from the Digital Devil Saga video games -- but that probably won't help you at all. :-P

Have lots of fun!

Allie said...

Ooooh! Please come to Singapore one day to do your missions. xD

Japanese people...like salty food. Depends on which part of Japan you go to? Like Hokkaido example, their ramen (noodles) soup would be quite salty and oily, but it's to help them keep warm. Food may be less salty in Tokyo I suppose.

I hope you enjoy yourself in Japan! And hopefully have many awesome photos from there. xD If you visit disneyland, don't be surprised at the length of the queue. Apparently, they're all willing to wait and queue for the rides and attractions!

Tomas said...

Bring an umbrella and jackets. It's the rainy season already and there is a minor typhoon near Taiwan right now.

Matt said...

If you are in Taiwan for that long, definitely explore the island. See Taroko National Park if there are any non-rainy days.

Go South to Tainan, the food is excellent and the city would make a couple of interesting days. And there are cool ex-pats there who would be great for improve everywhere.

Liz said...

Most awesome thing about Taiwan is the street food. If you wanna eat dinner, hit the streets! It is much more authentic and tastes better than the restaurant food! Don't forget to get some bubble tea - taro is my favorite flavor.

Unknown said...

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___Um bejo____xxx
__pra vc!!!____xx

Anonymous said...

oh... i hope you visit singapore one day to do an improv everywhere mission. i will be there to join you guys!

Karen said...

Never been to either, but looking forward to seeing your trip pix (should make up for my brother going & not bringing back any pictures with him! lol)!! Have a great time! :>:>

Victoria Waugh said...

Katie! I LOVE Japan! Definitly go to Harijuku and Shibuya! (4 story Starbucks and the buisiest cross walk in the world!!) I hope you and Matt have an amazing time!! Love you girl!

BellsInSpires said...

ohhh i'm so jealous, i LOVE LOVE LOVE taiwan! go to the night markets and you should go see taipei 101 - they have these cute cartoon 'dampers' that are super adorable and very photogenic!

Anonymous said...

how fun!

Stephanie said...

Althought I live in LA, I go to Taipei a lot and all I gotta say is... Go to the night markets!!!! And most importantly, go with an open mind and try whatever food they have! They'll have some boba tea, and perhaps a few (actually many) other dishes you've never tried before... but try them!!

Also, shopping is HUGE. Everything is quite cheap.

I've visited Tokyo once and the thing I remembered the most is going to the hot springs spa! You might be nude with about 15 other people, but hey, everyone's pretty much minding their own business.

Ahhh I'm so excited for you! I wish I could be there! Have fun and keep us updated Katie!

look a little closer said...

i love your blog so much! and i agree with everyone who says this - you two are the cutest couple ever!! :) have a fantastic trip and i can't wait to see photos! it will be exciting to see the improv everywhere travel abroad! safe travels and be well!

mikan said...

I live in Japan, and it's still freakin HOT here!!! but I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun in Tokyo. Enjoy!! <3

gopifish said...

hello! you guys HAVE TO try bubble tea when you're in taiwan! its like a national drink there i LOVE it! its basically milk tea with chewy round bits in it very addictive! almost like a yummy dessert! try it! :)

sam said...

I need to echo all of the people who are telling you to try the street food. Seriously, try it! Try everything! Don't look at it, just put it in your mouth! I was just there in May visiting family and that's what I miss most (I guess aside from my fam, lol), street food. Also, don't forget to eat lots of fruit, it all tastes amazing. Bananas especially, and grapes!

Love your blog, it always puts a smile on my face, no matter what :)

Have an AMAZING trip!

T. said...

Have a nice time... and when are you going to come to sunny Portugal? ;)

Lillian C said...

Wow, how exciting!! I just came back from a six month stay in Taipei (my whole family lives in Taiwan), so here's my advice: EAT! :) There's so much amazingly delicious foods!
Go to Shi-ling nightmarket (it's on the red line of the metro, pretty far from the central of the city), but it's so worth a great night. Make sure to eat the famous fried onion pancakes and shaved ice there! There's also some great cheap shopping and arcades if you're in the mood.
For more touristy stuff (if time allows) - you can go to the National Museum, which has some really interesting stuff. You can also go to Dan Shui (at the end of the red line), which is by the harbor, and it's great for casual walking around and shopping.
And if you can, take the bus (or find a ride!) out to Ji Long Miao Ko - the harbor by Ji Long. It's stand upon stand of foods, each stand specializing in one thing, so you go to one stand, sit down and quickly eat one serving of their specialty, get up and move on to the next, all the way down the market. TONS of great food here: the fried "healthy" sandwich and pao pao bing (ice cream - get the peanut flavor), to name a few.
Sogo (a huge department store) is essentially the heart of the city. I didn't find great shopping inside these stores (they were too expensive), so if you want to do some fun clothing shopping and things, go behind Sogo, and there's fun boutique shopping to be done.
Taipei 101 would be cool to walk around, if this is your first time in Taipei. It's also more expensive shopping (very touristy), but try to go to the very top for the view (or dinner!).
If you have time to explore, KTV (karaoke) is pretty fun. It's so different there because they take it really seriously and the rooms are all swanky and you get room service...it's quite the experience :)

Phew, that's all that comes to mind at the moment. Contact me if you have any more questions/need any more suggestions!

I love Taipei & miss it so much...so I love hearing when people go :)
Have a wonderful time!!

q said...

i enjoyed their japan travel posts:


jodi said...

walk around shibu-ya in tokyo and stop by a tokyu hands store. lots of great DIY stuff and paper goods.

have fun!!

Karen L. said...

please do come to HK too! DEF want to join your inprov everywhere mission!

agnesbyrne said...

GUYS, WHY NOT INDONESIA? It's really an awesome country. and I bet you got bunch of "Improveverywhere" crews here!

Anyways, Japanese food got the best dishes in the world...

pertz said...

hello! i live an hour south of taipei and i'd LOVE to take part in one of the improv everywhere missions :) please email me!!

and the weather's been horrible here the past day or two (three typhoons/tropical storms around the island, what the heck?!) but i hope you and matt will be able to enjoy the night markets and all the other awesome things in taipei :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, come to Singapore!! :)
Btw have fun!!!

Nina said...

have a great time. I haven't been but one of my other favorite bloggers went - here's her post about it - http://chocolateandzucchini.com/archives/2010/05/japan_highlights.php

AC said...

In Taipei there is a restaurant where the seats and bowls/dishes are shaped like toilets.
In Japan, they have every flavor of KitKat imaginable including sweet potato, cheesecake, and regional/seasonal flavors. So look out for those :)

Have a great time. Can't wait to see photos!

Anonymous said...

You're going to have so much fun! In Taiwan, definitely hit up the night markets, and if you get a chance, explore the rest of the island. The amazing thing about Taiwan is that the geography is incredibly diverse. My favorite part when I visited was staying overnight at hotel in the middle of a rain forest.

[¯Ô¯]njoy said...

I'm happy that you're visiting Asia! I lived in Japan and always loved visiting the Daibutsu (great buddha) in Kamakura! I can't wait to see your photos of your adventures, and I'm just going to assume you'll take the train at least once ;)

Apple said...

wow!!! I'm excited for you!!! please come to the Philippines tooo!!!:D:D:D

I don't really know much about either place either but i love japanese food! yumm! have fun katie!!!<3

Anonymous said...

You should come to Malaysia! It would be a great experience to have you here!! And I would totally join in on your fun missions!!!


jacobian said...

is the background supposed to be a cloud? very creative

Karen said...

If you're going to be in Tokyo, two things that are an absolute must and are excellent photo ops:
1) Tsukiji Fish Market. You've gotta get there around 5am for the tuna auction, but anytime in the morning will allow you to see things from the ocean that you never knew existed. And sushi for breakfast nearby is amazing; freshest fish you'll ever eat.
2) Sumo. If you're there on the 4th, you can pop over to the Kokugikan and see all the top rikishi (wrestlers) for free in the morning. If you're there from the 12th onward, you can go to one day of the actual tournament. When I lived there, I became obsessed with sumo and the pageantry is worth the effort. It'll change your view that sumo is just fat men bumping bellies; it's so much more athletic than that.

Japan is fantastic. Just be open to everything. One of the things my parents loved most when they visited me was eating an onigiri from the conbini at 7:30am in Tokyo Station, watching the salarymen push through the gates and get shoved onto trains by white-gloved attendants.

ayod said...

next time, please visit Indonesia too!

i echo every suggestion here, but let me add just one..

don't forget to bring your personal medication for digestion problems! seriously, with all that exotic food-trying you'll be doing.. oh the horrors. (i'm in med school, definitely seen a lot of cases of these)

just a silly reminder! :) hope you have fun! i loveee Japan, my brother lives there, it's seriously beautiful.

amber said...

I'M FROM/IN TAIPEI!!!! I would love to do an Improve Everywhere mission!!! please let me know details!!!


molly said...

how will moo live w/out you?!

[¯Ô¯]njoy said...

I just remembered! If you have time to visit the Hakone Open Air museum, they have lots of interactive fun for kids at heart! Like the "net castle" http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3265/3159695117_74ee801d8e.jpg

Also, try "Melon Fanta." It's amazing, and they don't sell it in the U.S.

Living vicariously through you and Matty, lol...

Leigh said...

Love Tokyo, spent lots of time there recently, and while I could live without Akiba and Roppongi, you absolutely must visit Shinjuku-goen, the gigantic park near Shinjuku (where the Grand Park Hyatt from Lost in Translation is). It's got English, French, and Japanese gardens, and plenty of sidewalks for chalking. Pick up a bento box (lunch box from a convenience store) and enjoy the views!

Also, it's pretty hard to find your way around Tokyo because of their strange address system, so ask for a "meishi" (MAY-shee) aka: business card of your hotel. Most of them have maps on the back, which will help a taxi driver or passerby figure out where you're trying to go. Have fun in Asia!

Arlina said...

Tip 1. Life is too short too wear boring underwear.
Tip 2. Dancing is essential, no matter what country you may be in!
Tip 3. Breathe! When in doubt stop, take a breath and watch your mind clear and focus and be able to take in even more of the incredible world around you!

None of these is particularly relevant to your trip because I have never been to asia but Im excited tooo and wanted to get in on this tip sharing love fest!

Jessica said...

Nooooo I was in Taipei all summer! But now I'm back in the US. Wish you guys went a month ago. Can't wait to see what you do there!!!

LilyChubz said...

I have family members in Taiwan!
i haven't been there in so long!
The night markets in Japan and Taiwan IS A MUST!

gecko said...

I don't think I've ever been so excited for someone else's holiday!!! :') I hope you have a good time, I can't wait to see the photos and hopefully a great video on the improv everywhere site. :D x

saripondia said...

This is the website of a spanish guy living in Japan for some years already... and he explains very interesting thinks from the point of view of an occidental citizen.. You can read it both english and spanish

Enjoy your travel!

saripondia said...

ups, I forgot the link ;D


enjoy it!!!!

CHiLL said...

I actually just came back from a month stay to Japan about two weeks ago. I didn't go to Tokyo that time, but I did the previous!
The food is absolutely amazing there for one thing. If there are any strawberries, you should get some because they were the best strawberries I have ever had. There's also an amazing fruit market by the fish market in Tokyo, delicious fruit, however it can be VERY expensive.
The Ghibli museum is adorable, the admission ticket even has a film strip from a Ghibli museum! (I think the one I got was from Howl's Moving Castle, I can't remember. My friend got a sky shot. )
Also I think it may be too late for this but if you can go to a summer festival. They give a nice little slice of some more traditional Japanese society.
Also summer in Japan is hot and humid! It was different for me because where I live it was cold before I left and it is never humid either.
I'm excited to see your shots from the trip, when I've gone I've been a photo taking maniac. I'm sure your pictures will be great as always.
Oh yeah, the ice cream there is very delicious and creamy, plus it's always kind of fun to get some food from the American food chains just to see the difference. There's a teriyaki burger at McDonald's over there for instance.
Let's see, ramen is amazing, so is Japanese style curry, and any of the yaki foods. Takoyaki (octopus dumpling type thing with a sweet sauce), okonomiyaki (people compare this to a Japanese style pizza, I find this funny because their Western style pizza is very Japanese and not so American), and plenty of other things.
Also at restaurants or fast food places usually there will be a menu with pictures. This is not always the case though.
Visiting Shrines and Temples were also always a favorite thing of mine to do as well. They show a important part of Japanese society and are also very beautiful.
I think I've ranted enough, hope you don't mind.
Enjoy your stay in Tokyo and Taiwan!

Raptor Plateado said...

good speen my friend on Asia!!

Unknown said...

When I grow Up ( which will never happen) I want to be you.

littletiara said...

oh dear! Go a little bit south and meet me in Indonesia! Hahaha... someday later I will call you up here, we've talked about it if you remember, we still have some random dance to do and you gotta shoot my wedding! alright?

now, taiwan and japan are two of my favorite cities in Asia, although I haven't been there yet, hahahaha... it's so cool that you're going there...

I've got no other tips than to enjoy your trip, which I am sure you will, hahaha... you'll have heaps of fun listening (and trying to understand) their engrish, I bet ;) really, I love english with different accents, and we have so much more of it here in Asia, haha...

and my captcha is phokeeme??? Does it mean poke me? or it has something to do with pokemon? lololol

Operation Smiley Face said...

Have a WONDERFUL time! Can't wait to see the pics you take. :)

Natalie said...

wow taipei and japan!! i've been to both places this year (my mom's family lives in taipei) and both are great!! in taipei, you'll definitely want to go visit the night markets - the food is soo good and there is a lot of cheap shopping. in general taiwanese food is amazing and cheap! and definitely try some asian fruit like lychees, dragonfruit, passion fruit, etc.

japan is pretty different from taiwan - a lot more expensive, but there is a lot to see and do, and i love all the kitschy stuff in japan! for shopping, shibuya is great. check out harajuku for some crazy style too. if you have time, see if you can go to a hot springs bath! those are so nice (a lot of old women who are naked in them, but the baths are sooo relaxing). japanese bakeries are really nice. and definitely try some mochi!

anyway, i love your blog katie! it is so vibrant and joyful! i follow it but never comment (not a "commenter" per se) but you really grabbed my attention with the mention of taiwan and japan! i hope you have so much fun and i'm looking forward to posts about them.

NancyPants said...

Taiwan is AMAZING!!! You must go to the night markets...there's tons of delicious food, entertainment, and shopping for souvenirs! My mom's side of the family lives in Taiwan and I try to go as often as possible :) Have so much fun!!

el said...

Hope you have a wonderful time! I'm from Taipei and I love the city. You should definitely check out the night markets, and don't forget Taiwan's famous bubble tea!

Nicole said...

I live in Taipei and received your blog from a friend. I'd be interested in your events. Will you email me info? nicole.l.rowland@gmail.com Thanks!

Anis Amira said...


Salome said...

YESYES stop by Malaysia ;DD

Dee Abd said...

Katie pls come to Singapore!!! =D PLEASE!

air cup said...

Great places! You should definitely go to the night markets in Taiwan, its really quite happening every night. And the street food there are pretty interesting, should give it a try! :)
Anyways have a nice trip, come to Jakarta Indonesia while you're in Asia :D Me and my friends would love to do an improv everywhere mission with you guys :D


JennyUsagi said...

Japan is AWESOME, but unless things have changed (and it might not be true for Tokyo, I was in Kyoto & the surrounding area) but carry (from landing onward!) a mini packet of tissues at all times, not all restrooms provide TP. And some of them are the old fashioned ones that you have to squat over, eek!

Other than that, people are awesome, food is awesome, country is gorgeous, enjoy!

Stephanie said...

Oh! Have a wonderful time! I lived in Tokyo last year and it is one of my favorite places on the planet. Check out the Nakameguro and Daikanyama neighborhoods. And definitely spend an afternoon and evening in Shimokitazawa. Lots of wonderful wackiness there.

If you have time/desire to get out of the city for a day, a trip down to Kamakura and Enoshima Island is a nice day trip. It's certainly touristy, but in that delicate Japanese way. This time of year is great to get by the seaside in Japan. Plus, there's delicious purple yam softserve ice cream all over the place in Enoshima. Can't wait to see what you guys get up to.

Amy said...

be adventurous! eat as many interesting foods as possible, but stay away from dolphin meat >( it gives you mercury poisoning and they kill poor dolphins for it!
try taiwan's famous foods, they're often found in the night markets. i suggest oyster pancake, and stinky tofu. :) yum!
and finally, take lots of pictures and enjoy!!!
p.s get your hands and mouth to as many soft drinks or sodas as possible. the varieties are endless and most of them are tasty!!

Lala said...

Hey Katie,

I love your blog and the insight into your colorful life so far away. But now your coming to Tokyo, where I'm living right now, and i can't wait to see the pictures you took and to see how you see the world that is surrounding me at the moment.

If you want to take a break in a cozy atmosphere I'm going to write two beautiful cafés down which were created with the typical Japanese sense for lovely little things, and which I think you could like as much as I do:

"La Fee Delice"- a french style café. Lovely old, colourful house between Shibuya and Harajuku
(Meijijingumae 5-11-1 <- complicated Japanese address)

and, which is even better:
The cutest thing, I've ever seen in Tokyo. Everything is unbelievably tiny, all walls are painted with beautiful pictures and the cakes are all fantastic.
Koenji-kita 2-18-10

I would anyways recommend Koenji and especially Shimokitazawa, as Stephanie already did in the comment above. These places are not so well-known among tourists, but they are fantastic and full of impressions!

I hope you will have a fantastic time and I'm looking forward to your pictures!


Betty Boo said...

i used to live in tokyo, and harajuku is the BOMB! i also have a little shop my friends run called 'Curly Collection' which is adorable if you look at their products on thier webpag (www.curlycollection.jp)

Also the previous comments are all right, Tokyo is one of my favorite places ever.
Have fun katie!!


Anonymous said...

JAPAN and TAIWAN will love you guys!

But word of advice (as a fellow asian girl): the people in some parts of Taiwan are quite conservative, so don't feel bad if they react to your improv in a not-so-friendly way!


linnykins said...

Looking forward to reading about your adventures, makes me dream of travelling. :D

koggy = koala + piggy said...

Hi Katie! We're in Taipei, please let us know when and where you're going to do the Improv Everywhere =)

lucy said...

make Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia as your next stop!!! i'll be glad to show u around!! :)

Kia said...

Yay! Someone mentioned Indonesia:D. I'd be great if you could make it here though. hehe

Anyhow, when I discovered improv everywhere in this blog I always thought it'd be awesome to do it somewhere in Asia. And now you will actually do it!! Although, I don't live in either country, I'm still excited for pictures (and hopefully videos)

Susana said...

Ahh I'm just about to leave Taiwan! Maybe I can still make it to one of the Improv missions.. please email me details at susanah@gmail.com

Have fun! Can't wait to see your Asian posts/events :)

Nellie said...

Singapore would be a great place to explore too! I've been there before and it's difficult to get lost because the transport system brings you everywhere :)
It's wonderful especially on a sunny day, or even a stopover before flying back.
Enjoy Asia, Katie!

MerryMerry said...

there's a Toilet restaurant in Taipei. How appetizing!


and, theres an Alcatraz restaurant in Shibuya where you eat in a prison cell and drink from testtubes!! It's an experience that shouldnt be missed


I would recommend a visit to Nara and see wild deers roam that city. There's a lot of cultural things to see here, such as the biggest wooden stucture in the world, inside there's a wooden pole with a hole through the middle (that is supposed to be the size of budhas nostril) - and if you can climb through the hole, you will be enlightened!haha.. you can hire a bike for a day to save you a lot of walking!

Another one of my favourite places in japan in kyoto. This place takes you back 50 years.. seriously, one carriaged trains? you dont see that everyday! while youre there, a little trainride from the center of kyoto is a mountain full of snow monkeys! If you have the time, this place is definitely a place to go


your blog is fantastic. Keep it up =)


tini said...

Yes!!! Definitely go to the night markets in Taipei! A very popular one is Shilin night market; it's sooo packed and you HAVE to get food from food carts. That's one of the best things about Taipei- the street food ! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Also go to Xi Men Ding! It's kind of like the Times Square of Taipei. My favorite thing to do there is the photo booths, but there are also a ton of great restaurants and shops, but the shops aren't as cheap as the night markets because they are more brand namey stores.


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I spent 2 weeks in Japan this summer, it's such an amazing culture!

While in Tokyo - try and visit the Fish Market FOR SURE and have breakfast there, the Mari Tower has some excellent views...check out my blog, more tips there!

jennifer said...

this is too cute! i love it. have fun in taiwan! the food/shopping there is amazing :D!!

Rlo said...

i live in taiwan!(:

i would suggest you to go to the Nightmarkets in taiwan and just eat till you drop!

First take the Metro (MRT) from whichever station you're at you the red line and get off at JIAN TAN station!, there you can get awesome taiwanese food. Try out the baked corn, fried chicken, wraps, and a lot more-search the foods up! no regrets

then you can take the metro to the last stop on the red line DAN SHUI this is a really nice place. it's the River with a great view, and you can take the ferry which takes you to the 'fisherman's port'. Danshui is basically a daylight market, instead of night market.

if you're lucky, you should definitely try out the restaurant Ding Tai Fung (it's basically a tour place but pretty pricy but worth it)

Just a heads up, it's really humid here!

If you are transfering lines, you'll see the map that you have to go through 'Taipei Main Station' , fyi, it's really crowded there but, you have to go through that place!

And go to the ferris wheel!! it's in NeiHu. it takes almost 20 minutes for it to go around once! it's fun(:


Unknown said...

-take the MRT (metro) to the RED line and get off at "Jian Tan Station"
its better to go around 6-7pm or a bit later.

-it's an amazing place because you have a really nice view of the Danshui river. if you want, you can take the ferry to the 'fisherman's port' it's nice !danshui is basically like a daylight nightmarket(:
get off at 'danshui station' also located on the red line

Taipei Mainstation;
- intersect of two main lines, but it's a nice place to shop for cheap stuff--the underground street.

- Located on the BLUE MRT LINE;
ZHONGXIAO FUXING and ZHONGXIAO DUNHUA. they are nice places! shop shop shop here! and party places. LOL! oh, maybe search up YOGURT ART ;) yum.

hope you have fun!
Just a heads up, the weather is really humid.

R. Lo

Unknown said...

-take the MRT (metro) to the RED line and get off at "Jian Tan Station"
its better to go around 6-7pm or a bit later.

-it's an amazing place because you have a really nice view of the Danshui river. if you want, you can take the ferry to the 'fisherman's port' it's nice !danshui is basically like a daylight nightmarket(:
get off at 'danshui station' also located on the red line

Taipei Mainstation;
- intersect of two main lines, but it's a nice place to shop for cheap stuff--the underground street.

- Located on the BLUE MRT LINE;
ZHONGXIAO FUXING and ZHONGXIAO DUNHUA. they are nice places! shop shop shop here! and party places. LOL! oh, maybe search up YOGURT ART ;) yum.

hope you have fun!
Just a heads up, the weather is really humid.

R. Lo

Anonymous said...

I'm in Taiwan! Where can I find out info about the events? Have fun. Go to the toilet restaurant in ShiLin :)